About Alfreton Business Club

The aim of ABC Alfreton Business Club is to connect businesses in the Alfreton and surrounding areas  providing opportunities for networking, collaboration and business growth, these include:


• One meeting per month

• Events and Social Activities

• Social Media and Online facilities


If you are business in Alfreton or the surrounding area who is looking to join a friendly, supportive and inspiring group of entrepreneurs who are experienced in their own professions, and are passionate about their own business and supporting others, ABC Alfreton Business Club is a great place to be.  We help each other achieve to each our goals and growth.


Our monthly meeting is held at the Alfreton Golf Club, Wingfield Road, Alfreton, DE55 7LH, at 7.30-9.00am.  We start with open networking and breakfast, then by business 60sec introduction and then followed by a presentation from one of our members on a subject that will help you in your business.  This is then concluded by 1:1 networking activities.


Would you like to find out more?


You can either call us, email us, or book on our next meeting we would love to see you.


We look forward to see you soon.

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